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The information requested varies for each component, but may include items such as power dissipation, rated voltage, resistance value, number of pins and operating temperature. To determine probability of states. The next time you enter your part number, Relex will automatically enter all the part data for you. You begin your analysis by defining your basic maintenance tasks with their repair times, If you wish, you may group these basic tasks together into larger, more complex super tasks.

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New data types were introduced in Linter: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. To determine required item repair times used in Availability calculations.

You can use the built-in equation editor to assign calculation properties to all elements in your CBS tree. The list of partner solutions for Linter grows: Data fields can be up to 32, characters in length.

RELEX celebrated its 18th anniversary. If the information is not readily available, you may rleex leave it blank.

A valuable reliability software package like Relex incorporates: For example, you may wish to compare an item rlex a higher initial cost and lower repair costs to an item with a lower initial cost and higher repair costs.

Event types include Basic, House, and Undeveloped. RELEX celebrated its 25th anniversary in This not only provides tremendous time savings, but also improves consistency throughout your analysis. The Relex Reliability Prediction Analysis package includes an extensive reldx of features.

Relex Reliability Software “the intuitive solution - ppt download

Consideration of repair tasks and times WHY: The next time you enter your part number, Relex will automatically enter all the part data for you. Sofware because the Monte Carlo simulation runs as a separate process, you can continue using Relex while your calculations run in the background.

The comprehensive analysis capabilities and unmatched flexibility make Relex FMEA a necessary part of your analysis tool set. You can add page headers and footers to your report. Our team members took part in a number of conferences: And, you can perform time-dependent analyses and get an array of scientific graphs of your results.

Relex Fault Tree includes a host of powerful calculations for both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Use of libraries increases data input Import of component data minimizes workload Use of default data for parameters which are currently not available All modules use same data base no data exchange necessary.

Relex FMEA is Unsurpassed Power Relex Rele organizes its information to minimize any redundant effort on your part by storing information you enter into a lookup table that is always available for use.

In addition, Priority AND gates, where the inputs are order dependent, softdare supported with the use of Markov modeling. The new technology drastically reduces the workload on the disk subsystem for some task types, and effectively solves the data storage problem.

You achieve this by limiting all cut sets below a certain probability or using the cut set summation, cross product, or Esary Proschan methods. Relex features a variety of reliability models.

Relex Fault Tree Analysis Software - PTC

Software Solutions since ! You may include many different types of costs such as design, production, warranty and repair, and disposal. This allows you to visually determine which failure modes contribute to an end effect. Relex Maintainability Prediction organizes the process of performing your analyses by incorporating these methodologies in an easy-to-use, functional framework.

Relex Reliability Software “the intuitive solution

There is one system tree that all of the Relex products share, so a change to the system tree in one module affects all other Relex products. Analysis of system for lifetime costs HOW: The Minimal Cut Set MCS engine quickly determines the minimal cut sets and provides the capability to view them on your fault tree softwwre. Developing an Excel Application.

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