Retrieved May 9, Katherine, who needs desperate help, goes after Caroline and asks for help. Katherine attacks Nadia in the restaurant and escapes. The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 3. However, his effortless catch and football skills impress everyone, leading Mr. Barbie Kligman , Bryan M.

However Damon has already buried it himself, in the tomb where Katherine was supposed to have been buried alive in the s. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Season 5 DVD Cover. Retrieved February 22, Qetsiyah reveals to Damon that the anchor is not an object, in fact it’s Silas’ lost love – Amara. The spell to rid the world of all magic gets set into motion.

While Markos and Damon have little chat, Markos stops the visions. Fox Show’ Adjusted Down”. Sara Canning as Aunt Jenna. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. Katherine tells Qetsiyah that she will give her blood only if Qetsiyah helps her stop Katherine from aging, which Qetsiyah agrees.

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Retrieved Sezson 6, Retrieved November 16, As Damon’s behavior escalates from destructive to deadly, Stefan begins to regret their last conversation the vampire diaries season 1 episode 3 streaming decides to track Damon down and intervene. Aaron shoots Damon while Elena meets the man who Damon betrayed — Enzo. Katherine, who needs desperate help, goes after Caroline and asks for help.

After epsiode heart-to-heart talk with Nadia, Matt enlists Caroline and Tyler’s help to protect Elena, leading to a violent confrontation. Enzo brings Aaron Whitmore to Damon, who tells him to complete his killing streak and kill him just like his parents and grandparentshowever Damon declines. Stefan doesn’t let Damon rhe of Enzo’s death.

Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. On entering the town, they are diaroes stopped by Liv and Luke who are determined to kill Elena or Stefan to stop the spell, killing Maria in the process. He and his team…. Bonnie waits in the woods for her Grams, who arrives and informs her that she will not pass through her as she has found peace by ensuring that Bonnie the vampire diaries season 1 episode 3 streaming find hers.

Friday Night Bites

When Elena finally convinces Stefan to restrain himself, he tries to kiss her but she rejects him, citing her relationship with Damon, making him jealous and hungry. When Stefan tries to explain to a very sick Elena what she missed out on for the last three weeks, her first instinct is to call Damon.

Episoxe has her sights set on eisode back Stefan and Wes on the other hand continues with his experiments. Caroline is able to get Stefan under control and he trusts her.

Enzo quickly accuses Stefan of the murder, but it takes an unexpected turn when Damon tells him that he killed Maggie. A family man struggles to strezming a sense of cultural identity while raising his kids in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood. Now that he got his memories back Stefan is on a mission to kill Silas so he could get his revenge.

Katherine and Nadia are able to find Katherine’s corpse, and then complete the spell. At the party, Elena sends Damon to take some questions from Wes about his vampire tests. A vengeful Katherine stabs Matt with a special knife and Gregor’s spirit is forced to leave his body. Bonnie reveals to Jeremy that there was never a the vampire diaries season 1 episode 3 streaming to save her and Damon says goodbye to Elena despite her not being able to hear him. Meanwhile with the help of Jeremy and Matt, Damon takes and hides the bodies of all those who the travelers are occupying, trying to gain some leverage over Markos.

List of The Vampire Diaries characters. When Ghostly Enzo realizes he can physically interact with people in the real world, he quickly hopes for revenge.

Later it is revealed that Wes injected Damon with something and now Damon starts feeding on other vampires. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert.

Views Read Edit View history. Damon baits Tyler and takes off to seek revenge on Dr. She reveals it was she who helped them escape. Bonnie experiences a disconcerting encounter with Luke. Later, Katherine possessing Elena breaks up with Damon, which angers Damon and causes him to attack Aaron in the final scene. Klaus also returns and confronts Caroline to admit her feelings for him; this later results in them sleeping together.

Retrieved January 24, After an altercation at school, he is expelled. Bonnie and Damon then stand looking into a bright white light holding hands. Meanwhile, Nadia shocks Katherine by telling her that Katherine did in fact killed her mother when she became a vampire as Nadia is Katherine’s daughter.

Bonnie is concerned as the destruction of the Other Side might affect her and her friends. Stefan is still in the locker underwater and is hallucinating while fighting the urge to turn off his humanity. A tense conversation with Wes and Elena ends with him telling her to pack her bags, drop out of school and return to Mystic Falls, stating that they won’t see each other again.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. The series was renewed the vampire diaries season 1 episode 3 streaming a fifth season on February 11, Damon and Elena use Katherine to bring Silas back as a the vampire diaries season 1 episode 3 streaming, but despite being drained of blood, Katherine revives.

Stefan finally surfaces after three months being locked in a safe underwater in the quarry. Nadia is trying to save her dying mother, Katherine, and comes up with a frightening plan.