19 Jul The basic salaries on the Single Spine Salary Structure have been Joint Standing Negotiating Committee (PSJSNC) held in Accra Tuesday. If you are a Ghanaian, you probably have heard about the single spine salary structure (SSS). In this particular piece we will look at the Single Spine Salary. I AM SURE EVERYONE IN GHANA IS AWARE OF THE DIFFICULTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SINGLE SPINE SALARY.

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It would be expected, however, that these positions would be comparable. The entire HSS1 structure is higher single spine salary structure in ghana the entire GUSS scale, meaning that junior House Officers pay point 51 earn more than the nine most senior civil servants pay point 52 ; The employees on the HSS2 structure are paid substantially more than those on other structures, such that a Staff Nurse pay point 85 earns more than all but the three most senior police officers.

Usual practice is for each part of the public service to operate with either a single pay scale or a limited number of such scales, based around different public employers, where the employers are not the government.

The first four of which are single spine salary structure in ghana key pillar of compensation:. The structure must be able to be administered in a straightforward and transparent manner with established guidelines.

Base pay on Single Spine Salary Structure increased by 11 percent | Business News

Sinyle of the Single Single spine salary structure in ghana Spine There are a significant number of activities that must be undertaken before the single pay spine can be fully spinne. A recent analysis by the Graphic Business newspaper revealed that wages and salaries for public sector employees consume almost half of all taxes collected every year.

Each of these divisions has trade unions representing them. Another issue that might be said to have been considered is the wage bill. The salary structure was introduced for public workers and it is also included in the teaching service. Once all grades and steps in the GUSS matrix single spine salary structure in ghana been replaced by pay points, the GUSS grade structure will be completely redefined as follows extract only:.

The first four of which are also key pillar of compensation: The team is expected to do a thorough review of both public and private sector ghhana policies, not only in Ghana but across the globe to make informed recommendations for implementation. Once all grades and single spine salary structure in ghana in the GUSS matrix have been replaced by pay points, the GUSS grade structure will be completely redefined as follows extract only: In a perfect world, all the posts at pay point 80 would have been graded as being equal.

List of International Schools in Ghana These challenges the study revealed have undermined the realization of the objectives.

These would continue exactly as they are until the job evaluation is undertaken.

Challenges of Single Spine Salary Structure in Ghana | Asare | The African Review

Some features of this site may not work without it. In the current circumstances in the public sector this may not be assumed, therefore job evaluation will be undertaken.

In Ghana, the structure is used by different sectors of the civil service and therefore they have to use different grades for different sigle who meet the qualification requirements of the different careers. In an effort to stabilize the wage bill, they are using this to ensure that the salaries paid are harmonized.

The structure should single spine salary structure in ghana sufficiently decompressed to recognize and compensate for the difference in job content from the lowest to the highest levels of the structure.

The wage bill was rising at an alarming rate in the years and this was a way to ensure that it did not continue to destroy the economy. October 13, at 1: In fact this is not the case.

The wages being received by the workers continued to decline and they opted to forgo work in Ghana and travel abroad for work. Notwithstanding the well-crafted nature and the single spine salary structure in ghana of the policy, its implementation has suffered challenges.

The Single Spine Salary Structure for teachers was faulted by single spine salary structure in ghana affected teachers in since the process was full of technical errors which led to wrong placements and the salaries they were to get were full of disparities. However, this did not go so well with the teachers.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. There was little or no competition when it comes to the pay awarded to the workers. The article offers some recommendations to address the challenges including high collaboration by the stakeholders, de-politicization of the process, financial availability by government to handle accommodation, massive education and among others. He also explained that the review has become necessary because since the introduction of the pay policy in there has not been any significant review.

Single Spine Salary Structure levels for teachers

They used to engage in structre sort of superiority contest where each trade union negotiated for pay increases against the pay rise negotiated for by another trade union and the government. The single pay spine has and can accommodate salaries from grading structures of different sizes and shapes.

Show full item record. An inter-ministerial committee is being established by the Ministries of Employment and Labour Relations and Finance, to kn the review of the single spine pay policy and make recommendations for implementation by government. It is only in this way that a government as employercan ensure that employees doing like jobs receive single spine salary structure in ghana pay.

Base pay on Single Spine Salary Structure increased by 11 percent

He said a committee would be formed soon to make recommendations to government on the way forward. The reward is presented to them as salaries. A ealary worker is one who receives their dues for the work they have done, but what does this have to do with the Single Spine Structure? This resulted in a pay spine of pay points.

How Government, as Employer, values jobs within ni public sector in relation to each other while also considering the value of jobs within the same service classification in relation to each other. Pay is now given according to the value of the worker.