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Btnwren the rhlldrrn and -ft'ofessor Kasner they have Ihventrd the ' koq- gd," which Is the numbiT one of the children. It was Jvist another form of pl. An avf raKe of fifteen or twent y bushels to the acre would provide a good average crop. Elaborate designs werl in- evitably evolved, for to bvautify us woman R nature. Amie Walker bagged their -eeeond goal.

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Salad oh Ringtones

D HorsE Of glx rooms, cement foundation, large furnaca. Munro, Neil Perry, R. Returning from active service overaeaa.

Taylor made Itand Bard. South Af- rica, pound.

Salad oh! Init pa!

Prairie Royalllea Rovrlite S: The demands on the part of tha Province were so far reaching as to destroy any po.

It continues mtld In th e P falrt e Pio i ln ees. Os- wald returned a verdict that our face frightened Uie gull away. Carroihera waa asked to ex- plain reference in hia brief to "in- flationary policies" adopted in Aus- tralia and the Argentine, In their relation to export trade and foreign settlementa. If this became practteafitt.

Straws with -dashing new brims. Hoiel, wlU celebrate the anniversary of that battalions de- parture from Victoria for the Great War Eacli salaf a reunion dinner is held, twice In Victoria to once V. Ella Williams, of Selkirk Avenue, passed away yes- terday moniliiff at St.

It was Bill Noel's beautiful drop-goal in the final stanza thst brought the lr.

Putther latorBUtipa, ajiply Mrs. It was all so strange, and tViose people down there made siKh a racket that It frightened them And yet they could not remain in hidinif. No adequate figures were available for the tnie balance of trade in tourist business in and out of Briti. Pomona Edwards and Sheila.

The Club Is the Egyptian five- pointed star, or pentaele, representing Barth; a spear-head, now a Diamond, represents Air; the Spade, the Implement with which sala sacred fires of oa Cemple were fed. You wouldpt lat bar tell you anyr thing after ahe said iiiia waa Rirhard Cainifhs dnuRhtrr. Tlie tax rate revision will be con- fined to St. Just came te earth to win our.

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Storjelakc for the world DomlnloB Prest. The drama provided a common ground on which all could meet and forgt-t social, religious, and political differences. Losses of 1 to 2 points were numerous.

Among the eitatlona which com- prlie tha tenoo-sennon la the fol- lowbig from the BlUe: Speaker to relonse Mr. Ansley moved that ihe appropriation of 1 for the Lieutenant -Oovernors chauffeur be not spent, and it carried.

Ui lis no I Ol r. Reynolds to Dis- cuss Merits and Demerits Of Pleasure camp, and In the following year ringhone cabin in the midst of the town was adopted as a church.

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Burial Is to take place at Vlc- torla, where Mr. Ihrdugh substitution of a word in the, report. Other prominent cities to be visited are Plorenee, thref days; Venice, two days; Vienna, two days.

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