Forest pack pro 4.2.5

Toolbar is not available after a Workspace change. All Maxscript functions that have size as parameter, now accept zero to use the default item size Custom Objects only. Groups must be assigned using the name selector. Fixed crash using Octane material converter. Looks like we've got some troubles with materials.

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Fixed updating issue with .42.5 Edge. Elements of a group are handled as individual items once scattered, both for the boundary checking and surface placement. Removed dependencies from V-Ray in some library scenes. Point-cloud using color ID is gamma corrected.

Forest Pack Lite/Pro

Fixed crashing bug using Tree Editor when object is empty 'F' icon. Added right-menu selector for Custom Objects, Surfaces and Areas. New grass presets designed to work in layers.

VRay exception in Forest Color when rendering animations. It crashes both with Forest 4. To preserve compatibility with old scenes, existing Forest objects use the old algorithm. In this case, use a single mesh as before.

Forest Release Notes - Forest Pack Help

Added separate model selector for "Add Items". Library Standard materials are simplified.

Forest object is not visible in viewport while Pacj is running this will require major changes in the code and is postponed for a major release. This feature lets you to create custom installations using non-administrative accounts.

Fixed crash rendering multiple frames in Corona Renderer, when using Custom Edit mode and camera clipping.

VRay foreet using non-ascii characters fail to load in Max See the documentation for more information. Max log file is stored at: Bug fixed in Forest Pack 4.

Re-Seed now works only over the selected items. Fixed rare error editing paint areas. Maxwell render visibility flags are used.

Forest doesn't update with changes of rotation or 4.2. on Custom Objects, until scene is reloaded. The process is now simplified and surfaces can now be any shape before being displaced.

Inverted falloff curves can be used at same time with including and excluding areas. Forest Color and other tint modes are not supported on the new engines.

Looks like we've got some troubles with materials.

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Render Added native support for more render engines: Fixed slowdown evaluating heavy models with displacement maps as Maxtree models. Camera clipping is not updated dynamically. Fixed random issues with Editable Meshes in Maxwhen used as Surfaces or objects.

This workaround fixes a rare crash of the Scene Explorer in Max Fixed crash on Max close.

42.5 minor issues of Optimize Material when using multi-subs. XRef materials always are merged in the scene, regardless of the Library Browser settings.

Fixed problem of Exclude areas with Inverted Falloff Curves.

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