Kayod marino

How can the teacher best show empathy in the case of fighting students? Teacher to inflict no corporal punishment on offending student at all times. Piaget's theory states that this pupil is under what development stage? Defer the relationship until they are ready to admit it. Cognitive developmental theory c.

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Enjoy the relationship while it lasts. Dolly submitted his comprehensive written report to Mrs.

Trial and error learning 31 A teacher attempting to develop a student's metacognitive skills teaches the student to: Imagining the steps necessary to complete an algebraic expressions.

This is based on the doctrine that says: Necessary materials should be collected in advance.

Kayod marino

Values of the Holy. They should be planned carefully and exactly. Children learn by discovery. Stimulating environment with ample objects to play with. Learning given in advice.

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More uniform because the students are more mature. Having visited so many countries and having worked with people from different cultures, the world seems to me, bigger — my purpose in life, greater. Partly correct 45 Emotion's role on success and happiness is highlighted by Daniel Goleman's theory on emotional intelligence.

Francisco even if it reeked of the cigarette kayoe smoked before class. Truth is relative to a particular time and place. Respect for the dignity of persons d.

Kayos is done without a pre-learning. Teacher and principal b. Teachers should manifest genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching as a noble profession. Make it difficult to capitalize on pupil participation. Chronological age, biological age, psychological age and social age are related.

Should be avoided when teaching concepts.

Kayod Marino

Learning is the discovery of truth as latent ideas are brought to consciousness. By Jiren at 5: Matino is used to introduced or arose interest of the pupils. Teachers must be devoted, honest and punctual in performing their duty.

Respect for authority b. Full development of talents b.

Psychological age and social age are two different things. More varied because of small classes.

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A learner's application of what she has learned is necessary. In sync with the lesson objectives 50 Teacher Erwin wants his students to work together harmoniously.

Encourage the learners to memorize factual knowledge. Which of the following attributes best applies to this responsibility? To find out if the students know how to follow directions.

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