And bunny skins don’t work against you since you’re blind. The real skill of a Lee Sin player can be stronger than the power of lategame Jax. It’s not very easy to dominate her but it’s possible. But Azir still remains very hard to kill for you and outscales you at any point of the game. He is still a really fun champion though and I will keep this guide up for any player who wants to try him at that certain position. This champion has got nothing on you.

His basic abilities are pretty useless against you. You survive in your lane by using your W correctly. You can now help your team focus down a champion who is healing such as Dr. Lee Sin has way more sustain and Gangplank can’t really make a good use of his W against you. Rengar can balance his abilities just like you. If you don’t have the best aiming, go for your W to outsustain him slowly but securely. So watch out for the enemy jungler and don’t get to greedy. The bad thing is that this guy is ranged and meele from level 1.

Tasting the blood of feeding enemies? This girl has no sustain that pretty much says it all. Mundo, or if the enemy team has a Soraka. But dude, you’re Lee Sin, probably Elise’s worst nightmare.

Going even in this matchup is troublesome, because Fiora heavily outscales Lee Sin. I’d prefer to say that Lee Sin simply gets harder to play during the game. She has no form of cc to force trades, so you can pretty much decide when you want to trade and when not, you kinda take the right from her to decide anything at all in lane [insert sexist joke here].

With a maxed W you can even lane against his harass if you want to. But you can easily win against him if you make use of his weakness in the early levels.

Also, her passive isn’t really usefull when you ulti her in teamfights, so you should be fine against her. The brute force of Garen is meaningless against your skill. Try to get ahead early on and you can destroy the whole game. I wish you good luck league of legends lee sin top build season 3 this guy, thats all i can do.

A magic damage auto hitting wolf with medium sustain, but huge mana problems. Try to make use of your skill in teamfights. There are of course many other items you can go for if they are perfect for your current elgends.

Jumping on him in the wrong time can end up in taking tons of damage by all his abilities. Legsnds freakin Aligator ist just like you. You can jump on his freakin lantern!


It’s your choice which skill you max but make your decision between either Q or W. Otherwise he will outsustain you with his Q. Well there are three main factors: Really good synergy with Hydra, CDR is always great on Lee and it gives you a considerable amount of hp. I already won against an enemy Jax in a 50min game. However, Flash allows you to setup big plays in the form of backwards ultimates into your own team, or perfect allignment of Dragon’s Rage so you hit a league of legends lee sin top build season 3 man knock up and obliterate an enemy team.

Don’t get scared after his 3 Q strikes. I never fought against Swain with Lee Sin. Darius got immense damage output but he got no escape abilities and is pretty mana thirsty so try to gain advantage from that.

Yeah here she comes, Irelia ,the so called “safest top lane pick” in season 2. The second, rather safe, way to win the lane is making use of the fact that you can incredibly great sustain.

Always go for either Alacrity or Homeguard enchant though.

Lee Sinners and Heathens

Also, keep in mind: Winning against Jax is actually easier than winning against Irelia. First of all you might ask yourself, why should I play Lee Sin?

You either have to kill him in lane or work together with your jungler. So watch out for the enemy jungler and don’t get to greedy.

Your domination potential in mid lane is pretty strong too. Click on a champion below to see the author’s notes on that particular matchup.

Lee Sin Build Guide : Lee Sin smart build – High win rate 74% :: League of Legends Strategy Builds

First of all, make sure that you put enough skillpoints into your W to block the harass from her Q. But if you put all your points into your Q and don’t hit him, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Ler of Lee’s best items currently. This makes you invulnerable in 1v1.

Lee Sin Build Guide by Deiji

He is very strong in the early and mid game but falls off lategame. Log in to post the first comment! Considering that Teemo got no sustainability, there are two ways of balancing you abilities that can lead you pee victory.