Gilli danda

The distance is measured in terms of the length of the danda, or in some cases the length of the gilli. After the gilli has been struck, the opposing players need to return to the circle or, in the best case, catch it in mid-air without its hitting the ground — this was believed to have later evolved into a Catch Out in cricket and baseball. This site uses cookies.

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The Bollywood movie Lagaan mentions the traditional youth sport of gilli-danda as being similar to cricket.

As an amateur youth sport, gilli-danda has many regional variations. This aspect of the game is similar to runs in cricket or home-runs in baseball. The game is played with two sticks: However, it is preferred that you have only two teams to avoid unnecessary fights.

The Ancient Rural Sport of Gilli Danda

There is no bowler in this game. Gilli Danda is known by different names all over India: The Real Sports Heroes Quiz. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Different scoring Techniques As an amateur youth sport, gilli-danda has many variations.

In this game what you have to do is, using the danda, to hit hard on the gilli.

Gilli Danda, the forgotten game

One of them depicts the gilpi and village scene of South Asian region while other depicts the ultra-modern and state of the art stadium. It can also be played by individual players.

Gilli Danda is an ancient sport of the Indian subcontinentpossibly with origins over years ago.

Otherwise, the distance from the centre point to the point where the gilli has fallen is measured using the danda, with one danda length equalling one point.

This game is played outdoors.

Gilli Danda, the forgotten game- The New Indian Express

The game continues, with a fielder tossing the gilli standing from the position where it had fallen to the striker, who tries to hit it. Check Your Sports Quotient: KHMS work in November. The fielders take various positions to catch the gilli.

The player then uses the danda to hit the gilli at the raised end, which flips it into the air. If the player strikes the gilli two times in the air, the points get doubled. Standing in a small circle, the player balances the gilli on a stone in an inclined manner somewhat like a see-saw with one end of the gilli touching the ground while the other end is in the air.

Calculate their total points.

The game is played with two sticks: Or even players. He goes away and comes back as an adult and a government officer. The distance is measured in terms of the length of the danda, or in some cases the length of the gilli. This game is played with two sticks, a larger one called Danda Dandanwhich is used to hit the smaller one, the Gilli Gulli.

January and February Collaboration at Walton. This causes the gilli to flip and when in the air you have to smack it like you are playing cricket. Post navigation Gilli Danda Cricket played with a stick instead of a bat is exactly the structure of Gilli Danda.


Gilli-danda can be played individually or between two teams. Sanatan Odia Panjika Gioli Calendar. Retrieved from " https: The game is also played in many variations and the scoring depends on how many times the gilli was hit in the air. If the gilli is not struck far enough the player has to pick it up and try again.

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