Aventail access manager

The Resources and WorkPlace Site items are links to the configuration page for easy navigation and editing. This feature allows companies to replace the Dell branding in Connect Tunnel windows with their own company names and logos. After selecting a VPN profile to login to on the home screen, a login screen is displayed.

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Network Tunnel Client Branding. Use the Custom Connections options to configure Connect Tunnel to access a different default appliance or realm, or list other appliances and realms the client can connect to. Note After you initially configure the Create shortcut on W orkPlace option, you can view accesss setting only on the Mapped Mode page; you cannot edit it on this page.

When HTTP acdess are found, policy and single sign-on logic are applied to the Web server connections. Click Routed address pool - staticand then click New.

Loads the connection entry for dial from connection list. For acccess information, see Working with WorkPlace Shortcuts. URLs and Web applications.

In the Port box, type the number of the port through which the appliance connects to the service on the VMware server.

With static address pools, you specify one or more static IP address pools from which IP addresses will be allocated to the tunnel clients. For example, suppose a Windows user wants to connect to the appliance and run a Citrix application:.

Service User access components Description Accesx tunnel service. This works in a production environment—where the FQDN is added to public DNS—but may be an issue in a test environment for one of two reasons:.

A per-user installation does not make the registry entries that are necessary for later updates. Users must keep the WorkPlace window open while working with OnDemand in this embedded mode. Reviews Current version All versions. Alternatively, you can create a new network resource by clicking the New Resource button in the Resources dialog box. Click OK to return to the Configure custom branding package page. With translated address pools, the appliance assigns non-routable IP addresses to clients and uses source network address translation Source NAT manger translate them to a single address you configure for back-end traffic.

IP address pools are used to allocate IP addresses to the network tunnel clients. The Citrix applications appear in the Citrix client window.

The user sees no Secure Endpoint Manager prompts during subsequent logins on this computer. When combined with the -gui option, displays the online Help. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Providing Access to Terminal Server Resources. If you modified the cmsetup.


For example, this could happen when a user logs in to WorkPlace and clicks a custom FQDN mapped resource that has a self-signed certificate or otherwise does not have a valid certificate on the appliance.

Connect Tunnel for Android is also not provisioned from WorkPlace. Most agents are manaver automatically when the user logs in to the WorkPlace portal using a browser. In situations where you want to provide broad access to applications through the WorkPlace portal for more than concurrent users at acceas time, we recommend that you deploy the OnDemand Tunnel agent instead.

Aventail Access Manager 8.90.263

First define individual Windows Terminal Services or Citrix servers, avventail Citrix server farms, and then add these resources to access control rules:. Ajax and Flash applications may also behave better with these access methods than the Translated Web Access. I use it to store all sorts of secure information as well as a good place to leave information that I avenail like to use on another networked computer. This enables you, for example, to automate the startup and shutdown of the VPN service.

Many of these components are provisioned or activated from the WorkPlace portal.

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