I believe it was an Australian movie and it starts with a guy parked in a garage trying to commit suicide by running his car, and he slumps unconcious and knocks the car into gear, which reverses through the garage door, out through the suburbs and into a mall. It was similar to a Chinese dragon. Hi I think i saw this movie about 5 or 6 years ago I do remember a scene with a school class with a black guy teacher that was very strict, he tells one of his students it was a pink haired girl to go to his home, there he abbuses her, then the next day at school she was mentally disturbed and i think she plans on how to take vengeance on her teacher that’s all i can remember. At the end of the film, the woman is on her knees shaking the boy and screaming. Hi guys, I’m new here. The kidnapper and hostages would be walking across the roof of the building in single file, while wearing the previously mentioned identical outfits and matching motorcycle helmets when the group walked through a particular doorway the police officer would throw away his empty revolver and quickly grab an identical and loaded revolver that had been stashed on the other side of the door. They were definitely in a town Anyway, it looks like it was filmed on the North American continent deep in the woods — pine trees etc — far from civilisation.

Sorry this might be a tough one, Its an anime movie from the 90s i believe, the only thing i remember is that the box art on the back had some monster or something eating an arm of a person The mother begins to investigate the murder herself along and apart from the police at the same time. There are so many creepy images in this film: At the end of the movie both sisters are swimming or something in a river or lake sorry, it’s blurry and the older one drowns, and the younger “goes to heaven” or something like that. And most of them are terrifying. If anyone can identify this movie I would appreciate it. It was a black comedy and I’m pretty sure it was German or maybe Spain?

Its not the movie big. Sure enough, the kids all die just as the missed call predicted. Its years old. The stones form a rainbow but the boy has an anger problem that stops his psychic power from full potential.

Please excuse my bad english, thank you. The way director Mike Flanagan plays with reality, building unbearable uncertainty through camera angles and false memories, makes this film both incredibly scary and impossibly sad.

I don’t remember things like plot, characters, names etc. I think the children are still alive though, I’m not sure again. Two — they were going around a hill guess the 90s movies answers man and little girl a road and there was a camoflaged tank that they had to take out.

They were testing him or something like that. During the broadcast the boy takes off the mask and reveals that it has been a hoax. The white friend finally stops reading, puts the book down and turns around to see his friend strapped to the chair and makes a comment to the point of ‘what are you doing on that thing? It is I Think an Indian movie, maybe a bollywood movie.

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Grace Nicole Kidman has turned being neurotic into a fulltime job; her children apparently suffer from liittle sensitivity to light, which guess the 90s movies answers man and little girl the gothic mansion they inhabit must be swathed in thick curtains at all times. Psycho — name her Patricia Hitchcock. May this be it? Guess The 90’s isn’t easy, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back. An alien horror movie in early 80s where the alien had live starfish-like creatures covering its body which it would throw like a Frisbee.

So it is a movie made between the ‘s in colour and it is about a female teacher in America who was about to be fired from her school for giving her students an inappropriate book to read.

I would never thought of that but since i only know Anti Christ and Dancer in guess the 90s movies answers man and little girl Dark and no other of Trier’s work it’s no surprise. He is searching for a man who has abducted his daughter. You know what I mean. After youtubing for clips It could be ‘Hard Rain’. The two ghosts watching over them use their powers to get him to stand back up on his feet, and are able to throw some forces of energy which hit the pro boxer on the face while the white friend just stands in front of him not throwing a single punch and confused by what is happening.

This is a very weird movie. But where killed by police in their new homes. The girl may also be of some importance. This exact same thing happened to me personally just last week.

He yells “Take the left arm!! The film I’m looking for was about a French girl who’s life was hard and getting harder. I am looking for guwss Horror movie that I believe was guess the 90s movies answers man and little girl in the seventies Stranded, waiting for his car to be fixed, he knows that they’re coming for him mobies spends the day hanging out in public places like a diner and a bank so they can’t get him alone.

It’s summer, it’s hot, lot’s of orange and yellow I think. The black guy had to thrust his hip left to right to avoid his jewels being flattened by the hammers.

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These don’t quite fit what you describe, but they are Euopean, by a famous director, and do have odd characters hiding from society. That’s all I really remember. When they wake up, every woman in the village finds herself mysteriously pregnant. I only remember a few scenes. Had some problems opening this thread, so I dondt know if te is in the right place, I appollogize if not and request helf from an moderator. Some guews were guesd an guess the 90s movies answers man and little girl and they couldn’t leave because single cell creatures in the water would eat them.

A romance guess the 90s movies answers man and little girl starring ,an Gere and Julia Roberts, who is a high-paid escort. Anyone remember this movie. I’m searching this for my daughter who is 15 so its probably about 8 year old at the most could be older but she remembers watching it when she was younger.

There was a scene which they showed the previous suitors of the princess as statues in the garden. Instead she quits and decides to annd to France i think, could be Italy. This other film was larger in scale and if I recall, big foot was in a deep sleep of some kind in the snow and people were trying to revive him.

It was a made for tv movie hope this helps some1 find it. Relatively sure a magic coin of some sort is involved.

Probably a mab film but could well be early 90s. So the ship has tanker size but is more futuristic looking. I have been searching for 2 movies and I have tried to read this entire 4yr thread so I hope I am not reposting. A group of teenagers having just finished school?

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Okay two tough ones. The name of the movie might be the planet’s name and it sounds like some prissy male perfume or French clothing line. The female dancer try’s to make moves on him while his wife gets jealous and upset.