Vijay tv athu ithu ethu program

The rule towards the round is the celebrity should only watch the performer and shouldn't deviate their attention towards other views inside the stage. This is a strictly moderated site. Absolutely no spam allowed. To make it more visible to viewers the camera man focuses and makes a still of the celebrities and their locked performer for a second.

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Then the celebrities Participations are invited and once again the lift open and three sets of personalities from same back ground comes out of the lift and take their respective allocated seats.

Tamil Vijay TV Tamil Vijay TV one of the popular Tamil channel accepted into the minds of the customer's stands with a pride towards it's outcomes of good Game Shows, Serials and many more providing hundred percent entertainments towards the time spent by the viewers on various programs.

Vignesh Karthik Mathiyosi — Round 3 The last round of the game is named as Mathoyosi and this round acts as a decision factor towards the judgment of the winner and Runner of the show. If the celebrities go with a change in their dupe then points would be reduced from the total points awarded if celebrity found performer is an original dupe and if too it is wrong in second chance then they will be reduced with a total of points.

Vijay TV / Athu ithu Ethu. Program

All set of age groups Program Sponsor: Group Le Dupe — Round 1 The host says the first rounds are going to be played by the invited celebrities. This successfully completes the second round and then the host afhu the participation, viewers and audience for the final round of the program with a short commercial break.

Moreover second and third participant cannot lock the same personality locked by vvijay first participant and finally the third participant has no way to select the dupe of his choice. The host asks the celebrity if they would like to go for a change or remain the same and the decision is all up to the celebrities and the host ask for a justification for a change over towards the dupe.

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The current lists of sponsers are shown below: We would be able to witness few clap sounds from the stage audience at the background after the introduction of each celebrities.

Finally to end up with this session the host says let's wait and watch how brilliant they are going to use their traits in playing ithhu game. Soon after the break the host informs about the winner and runner of the game and to motivate all the uthu the least score celebrity are invited as chief guest and made to distribute the prize. Sample List of Performer for the First Round 1.

Athu Ithu Ethu Shows Vijay TV Today Show Videos - TamilKuruviNet

Later the host says let call out the performer who are going to confuse these celebrities. Notify me by email when others post comments to this article.

To make it more visible to viewers the camera man focuses and makes a still of the celebrities and their locked performer for a second. The rule towards the round is the celebrity should only watch the performer and shouldn't deviate their attention towards other views inside the stage.

Progra the first to comment The lift opens with the music and three performers comes out and stand in front of progrma celebrities. The program is being hosted by Sivakarthikeyan one of the popular and multi talented personality who could also be notable in various shows organized and conducted by Vijay TV.

Athu Ithu Yethu Siricha Pochu Cast and Characters | TV Guide

This successfully completes the final eyhu of the show and in order to manipulate the points received by the celebrity and to make it more suspense the host once again goes with a short commercial break. Siva karthikeyan Program Timing: Athu Ithu Yethu Program Host: The Theme of the round is very simple where a comedy performer will go with his traits of action in front of the celebrities and all the celebrity have to do is to control their desire towards their action of laugh with the action performed by the performer.

The host greets them to the show and at the end of the intro session he ask each personality to perform a special traits about them and the participations interacts with him and during this interaction if noted the body language of the host would be more funny with various acceptance and disagreements of the statements given by the celebrities and if necessary the host adds up with some additional funny teas able and acceptable points.

Then based on the performers action the celebrities clicks their dupe and justifies the reason behind it with several arguments with the host.

Athu Ithu Yethu Vijay TV Week End Program- Complete Details of the Show and how to participate

Next with few introductions about the invited personalities by the host he personally interacts individually with each personality by probing various questions to them in a funny manner in order to add up more spice towards the show.

Comedy Show Program Name: This is a strictly moderated site.

Next the performers are going to perform with their individual action as a second stage towards the round and to make it more suspense the host goes with a short commercial break. Next after the break the performers goes with their individual traits of action based on their nature of job and then the celebrities are given second chance to lock ithuu required dupe. Absolutely no spam allowed. If the celebrity laughs towards the action performed then they will go with a reduction of points from the total points retained by them from their previous round and the points remains un change for those celebrities who won the round.

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