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It is also in this window that the user can determine the reason, if any, for a calculation not being possible e. The user may also filter the anchor solutions based upon the results of the calculations. All other dimensions are graphically to scale. A couple of choices are discussed in more detailed below. More CloneDVD 2 2.

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Enterprise 8 system of programs is intended for automation of everyday enterprise activities: The percent usage is shown for both tension and shear no bending and shear bending refer to Section 3. BDES Hilti International Edition is provided free of charge to specifiers to be used for the analysis and design of composite and non-composite beams, as used in general building construction.

These filters only limit the anchor selection.

WineHQ - PROFIS Anchor

How do I calculate? To proceed to the next tab, simply click on the Next button or click on the next tab. To close the baseplate, the user simply right clicks.

Like the ASD report, the top of the page has a tabulated description of how the loads are distributed to each anchor. This text section is also where the user finds the embedment depth used for the calculation.

HILTI Profis Users Manual v

What do I need to do? When being used in electronic format, the manual has many hyperlinks that allow the 2.00 to jump around the document quickly when another section is referenced. The recommended baseplate thickness on the report will be the greater of the thickness determined by the FE calculation or the actual baseplate thickness input by the user on the Main Window.

The Cell area of the Product Panel is shown in Figure The final version of many programs is often determined by suggestions from testers like you. Directly to the right of this table is a picture 9 of the baseplate and anchor pattern that demonstrates what portions of the connection is under tension and what portions are under compression compression is shown as shaded.

Some of the numbers given as a result will be green and some will be blue.

V Shear percent usage. The phi factors from ACI D. Suitability is determined by: Double click on add or remove pfofis. The default edge distances in Profis Anchor are greater than 10, mm.

When Installis clicked, follow the on-screen setup instructions that are given. Contact Hilti for clarification if necessary.

Profis anchor 2.4.1 social advice

Produces clear two-dimensional images but it will struggle with 3D. Making any selection in the following Tabs only affects the current construction, and when Profis is opened again, it will have defaulted back to the original settings.

When the user clicks one of the Calculation Icons on the Main Window, the Product Panel will automatically appear with results. Therefore, the Shear Concrete Failure capacity will be checked only if a different edge distance is input by the user.

With access proris a vast database, Profis Anchor is able to accept a variety of input data in either metric or English System units, including dimensional constraints, physical properties, loads and anchor configuration. Ive run my calculation. Scans the whole network for connected devices even the hidden ones anhcor creates a list of them for For example, if the user tried to calculate with the Hilti ASD calculation method with cracked concrete, the following would appear.

HILTI Profis Users Manual v1.10

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. Obtain and Filter Results; 2. Tutorial, which opens the tutorial seen when the user first opened Profis Anchor; 5. To assist in narrowing down the anchors the user is interested in, Profis Anchor provides two different ways of filtering the results.

Every page of every report shows the version of Profis Anchor from which the report was generated and provides hipti information input by the user in the Project Description tab discussed in Section 3. Hilti Profis software for design including Hilti Profis Documents.

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