Later on Gray saves Juvia. Natsu and Happy catch up with Erigor as he flies towards Clover and battle him. Meanwhile, Erza and Makarov discover a magic circle that transforms everything in the village into giant monsters, which the wizards attempt to eat, only to find them inedible. Juvia and Gray days. Juvia defeats Keyes and cries that she wants to see Gray. Following Jose’s defeat, Lucy realizes that Jude will do anything to have her return home and leaves for her family estate. Gray tells Juvia to go after Meredy and Zeref.

However, she regains control of herself and convinces him to stop fighting his friends so both members decide to forfeit. Meanwhile, Fukuro devours Natsu to gain his powers but is defeated by Gray, while Siegrain reveals Jellal’s plan to resurrect Zeref to gain the Magic Council’s support in firing Etherion. Juvia reaches out to Lucy while being controlled by Vidaldus, inspiring Lucy to defeat their opponent by summoning Aquarius inside Juvia’s body to pin him down while they perform a Unison Raid on him. Natsu becomes infuriated with Jellal at the sight of Erza crying over Simon’s death and eats a chunk of lacrima containing Etherion, which greatly increases his physical and magical power, allowing him to defeat Jellal and destroy the tower. Juvia made Gray, Gray buns and Juvia buns. Left behind by the guild while visiting Levy and her friends at the hospital, Lucy is kidnapped by Juvia Lockser and Sol, two members of Phantom Lord’s elite team, Element 4. However, Cana is defeated by Fried, as is Elfman. Lucy flees into the sewers and discovers the book’s hidden secrets before being caught by Everlue, while Natsu defeats Everlue’s bodyguards, the Vanish Brothers.

She shows the painting to Mirajane, who tells Lucy the story behind it. Gray and Juvia fight together against Lyon and Chelia. However, Everlue and his maids attack the three. This day was wonderful.

Gray tries to fight Keyes. Erza tells Gray that Juvia is worried how he sees her. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Gray and Juvia meet, They battle. I will update again when the anime starts up again.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When the guild refuses Jose’s order to surrender Lucy, he prepares to fire Jupiter again after a recharge time of 15 minutes, conjuring an army of phantom soldiers to keep the guild occupied. Metadata This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. Meanwhile, Natsu fights with Lyon’s henchman Zalty, fairy tail juvia and gray unison raid episode has the power to control the unisln of objects around raod.

Submit a new text post. Mirajane’s distress over her brother’s suffering causes her to activate her latent magic power, Satan Soul, which she uses to defeat Fried in a fury.

— Gray & Juvia Episode List UPDATED (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Realizing the pointlessness of his attempted sacrifice as Lyon’s fairy tail juvia and gray unison raid episode would be able to restore him with Moon Drip, Gray tells Lyon about Ur’s survival; however, Lyon reveals he already knows the truth and still intends to melt Ur’s former body, which would kill her.

The members of Fairy Tail celebrate Magnolia’s annual harvest festival, which includes a beauty contest in which Lucy, Erza and grat female Fairy Tail members participate. However, she only manages to return Lucy and Gray to normal, and moreover causes everyone else in the guild to switch bodies as fairj.

Natsu tries to resume their match at the guild the next day, but she defeats him with a single punch. Meanwhile, Lucy is kidnapped from Fairy Tail’s safehouse by Gajeel, despite Loke’s efforts to save her in time. Also, Some Gruvia art vray Hiro Mashima throughout the years.

October 2, [23].

Meanwhile, Erza commandeers a pirate ship to take her to Galuna Island, intent on punishing her guildmates for their defiance. Juvia and Gray at the Casino, Juvia protects Gray. Gray tells Juvia its not true. If you have love in your life, then you must keep on living. So fairy tail juvia and gray unison raid episode no hating, this took me a while too long actually…. Just a little bit of Gruvia for you, from the new FairyTail chapter Natsu, Lucy, and Happy embark on the S-Class quest to lift a curse on Galuna Island that turns its residents into demons when they are exposed to moonlight.

Gray decides to eat a bun and blushes before eating it.

Lucy refuses to join them until she reads that the reward includes a zodiac key that she wants to collect. This ship has had a lot of development throughout the series, and I know for sure Gray and Juvia have something special, they care about each other very much.

Lyon flirts with Juvia a lot and she gets creeped out.

Juvia and Gray at the Casino, Juvia protects Gray. Juvia and Gray in the broken town together.

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Gray and Juvia do their 1st Unison raid together. He tries using Erza as a sacrifice to resurrect Zeref, but Natsu arrives and rescues her. The wizards return to Magnolia to find their newly renovated guildhall, with Juvia now a member; to their chagrin, they unidon that Gajeel has also joined Fairy Tail at Makarov’s request.

Macao disguises himself as Natsu as a grya for saving his life, allowing Natsu to storm the council headquarters and rescue Erza.