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Post back here if you need help. Powerquest Drive Image 7. I have yet to have any problems at all. Novell is now a part of Micro Focus. Apparently there is an issue with this method and HP series which has a predefined recovery partition.

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And does XP work? Microsoft set it up that way on purpose because they know my way I can save a drive image and install it three times on a computer and they can't tell the difference between them.

Here is what I would do. Novell is now a part of Micro Focus. It must always be enabled but any partition can be the default partition. Powrquest Forum moderator Powdrquest 21, 4: Let the spin begin.

But if you start with a hard drive written to zeros and follow my methods all aspects of partitions can be manipulated, copied, transferred and restored from external hard drives just as we could do with Windows XP. Make the target a folder you created in the external hard drive.

Cool Solutions: Dual Boot Windows and Linux using PowerQuest's BootMagic

Apparently there is an issue with this method and HP series which has a predefined recovery partition. When it opens look at what it says. Follow Vista's method to shrink the volume and install XP and then install the software I listed above and save a drive image of the Vista operating system to an external hard drive so you can use it as a recovery disk. You can't do it starting from Vista.

Your total hard drive size will be your ultimate guide in selecting the amount of space you allocate to each operating system. Hello JC, Did you know that system restore will not work properly if you install windows vista and windows xp on a computer because you will loose system restore points every time you switch between the 2 operating systems?

I do not see "Earlier versions of Windows" I know that the vista partition exists since I am booted into it. Booted perfectly using Boot Magic and booted correctly to partition one and partition two.

This was helpful 0. First copy or save and data or pictures or stuff you Powerquewt want to lose to an external hard drive and than. One partition of each works for me.

Well, my favorite software is Partition Magic and Microsoft said "sorry, it will not work on Vista".

I tried to explain this to this web site and they refused to bootmatic to me and would not perform my test and banned me from their web site. I really like copying drive to drive because of this.

Perhaps you have some older hardware that is not supported, or a program or game that won't run in Windows Vista.

PowerQuest BootMagic

Take control and learn what you can do. Or I don't have to install boot magic, just go to the operating system I want to boot to by opening partition magic and setting the partition active. Here is the exact procedure with Pre-installed Vista.

INI may look similar to below: Please try again now poaerquest at a later time. After I erase the hard drive Powermax 4.

Please try again now or at a later time. Boot Magic always works perfectly booting into any Windows operating system. You can just format the hard disk and install Windows XP.

Discussions cover Windows installation, driver problems, crashes, upgrading, service packs, and other Windows Vista-related questions. Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities:

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