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The direct connection mode comes with a couple of limitations that are. New releases are small and easily downloaded from the web or via FTP. Of course, the usual options are there, as well as the ability to assign a color scheme to sensitive connections, or a customized logo image, or a short comment that is saved to help you remember details about particular environments. There is a shortcut for exporting data to Excel with a single mouse click.

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Data can be grouped by multiple columns allowing drill-down data analysis.

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There are also little object-specific features on almost every tab within Hora. Please submit your review for KeepTool.

See the detailed review below for brief accounts of the compelling features. It also offers the global constraints and triggers windows, where you can enable or disable your constraints filterable by constraint type and enable, disable or compile your triggers. This is generally keptool first window you will see. The debugger has now been improved to where it rivals the power offered by the competition, including breakpoints that can be set dynamically, and display of variable value upon mouse hover.

Retrieved from " http: It fulfills the needs of DBAs, developers, data operators, report writers, and power browsers, all at a compelling price point. An optional short verbal description for the connection that shows up in the main form title.

We need to clarify something here.

There is also a unique commission opportunity for those who refer new customers to KeepTool, found here. With 10g, there are so many views you need a tour guide to blaze a path through the forest of objects.

To make most database changes, you just right-click on a grid, then confirm or customize the generated SQL command before executing it. Be the first to know about the hottest apps with Download's Windows Apps newsletter.

Hora Product Review

KeepTool comes with a tabbed keeptoo interface that allows you to browse database objects such as tables, views, sequences, synonyms and others, including detail information like table columns, privileges and the like.

A fast zoom is provided, as well as a little picklist in the lower left corner that is used to quickly find a given table in a large model. It fills with each successful connection by one connection item. Second, Hora cleverly groups the related views that start with the same prefix into expandable nodes. Select keetpool File Explorer. These folders and statements can be placed on a network drive, so common statements can be shared across a team.

You can enter a bitmap file leeptool, e. The window area is to the right of the sidebar. Other than a few special screens, the entire application is one giant, hierarchical database browser.

The tabs below the grid allow you to group and sort the list by 3 different ways: These features are useful for shops with hundreds or thousands of Oracle objects to manage. Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! They both hoa powerful and updated features you will need right away.

KeepTool HORA for Oracle databases

The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. There is both a Schema main menu item, as well as a Schema window found under the Additional toolbar.

Just right-click and poke around the dynamic icons on the toolbar and the header areas above the grids. There is also the unique option of a disconnected floating license, where a consultant or telecommuter can continue using the suite for up to 30 days disconnected from the network license.

Right-clicking a data grid opens a popup menu showing a set ohra operations you can do on the currently selected object s.

This section will focus on a sample of the most thoughtful features found hpra Hora, as well as a brief synopsis of the remaining five tools. When you select a block of code, a little double pencil icon appears in the left gutter.

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