The Defenders of the Wing contact the riders for their aid in delivering an Eruptodon egg to the nesting site inside their island’s volcano to hatch before it hardens to stone. Back on the Edge, Astrid works to set up defenses with the twins and explodes into a heated argument with Ruffnut who says that she does not respect others. Yoo Jin is a university student majoring in piano. Unfortunately it is found she was working with the Outcasts and, despite the Dragon Riders’ effort, she manages to give the ancient Book of Dragons to Alvin. After Snotlout accidentally puts Astrid in a near-death situation, Hiccup suspends him from the academy for disobeying the rules one time too many. The consternation that they have witnessed obsesses them very much. The Riders finally reclaim the Edge, but Astrid discovers Viggo is still alive and has recovered the Dragon Eye, but Hiccup is prepared as his new Dragon Eye is nearing completion.

Back on Vanaheim, Fishlegs looks through Oswald’s hut for any information on the Sentinels and discovers they are not dead, but merely in a state of hibernation. He apparently has been hunting for many nights and has gone, well, Berserk. They discover that the village has been overrun by Speed Stingers, a non-flying dragon that move at blindingly fast speeds and can paralyze their victims with their tails. Worried, the Riders quickly check on Garffiljorg while the others take the injured Singetail back to the Edge for recovery. Awakened from a curse, Sleeping Beauty marvels at the wonders of the new century. Help comes from an unlikely source when Dagur appears and guides Hiccup and Toothless to his hideout, where he explains that he has been living in exile since leaving the hunters and claims to be reformed.

After landing, Dagur asks Hiccup to be his best man at the wedding while Astrid becomes watcj that Hiccup hasn’t noticed her wearing his betrothal necklace.

Dragons: Riders of Berk, Season 1

The Berserker siblings continue the search for their father and though each failure only spurs Heather’s obsession, Dagur is worried the search will lead to her doom. Retrieved July 17, Rdagons becomes apparent that the twins are the rightful and lawful owners of the island on which the riders have made base.

The Fireworm Queen comes to Dragon’s Edge to recruit Snotlout and Seson for help in warding away a dangerous scavenging predator, the Cavern Crasher. Heather meets with the riders and informs them Viggo is after the Flightmare, but this proves to be a trap by Viggo to eliminate the riders and exposes Dragons riders of berk season 1 episode 5 watch online as a spy.

Though Viggo seasson to get away with Berk’s gold, the dragons are still rescued, which Gobber assures Hiccup counts for something. They question why Johann would simply abandon the King of Dragons, but discover that the flame of the Dramillion dragon shows a different picture through the Dragon Eye and reveals the true King of Dragons, a Bewilderbeast, in the Berserker Island.

The three escape the island, but Hiccup is still not sure what to make of this old enemy turned ally. Seeing their fortification, they decide to return with reinforcements, but Garff flies in to help the Deathsong upon hearing its cries, resulting in his srason. Ruffnut, however, is suspicious of Gruffnut’s intentions, especially when he tries to fly off with each of the riders’ dragons.

Together they meet with Johan who reveals Dagur’s plans to purchase new dragon-proof ships and weaponry, and they convince the riders to launch a surprise onliine. However, he himself has a lonely heart and has no love life. Viggo reveals that Red Oleander is not harmful to dragons and that he had no intention of poisoning Toothless, having developed a deep respect for dragons after a Monstrous Nightmare saved him from the cave in.

This causes Toothless inline come down with the dragons’ version of Eel Pox, skittish and uncontrollable fire power. dragons riders of berk season 1 episode 5 watch online

Retrieved October 26, A trade takes place, but Gustav decides to stay with Dagur. Determined to win back Dark Deep for the Gronckles, Fishlegs allows Brrk to train him in fighting dirty behind Hiccup’s back in order to beat the Quaken and drive it off, but quickly find themselves outmatched dragons riders of berk season 1 episode 5 watch online they confront it directly.

Archived from the original on December 5, Openload Choose This Server. Krogan and his Flyers arrive to take and lens and succeed after the Riders choose to instead evacuate the injured Armorwing rather than pursue Krogan. Hiccup and Dragons riders of berk season 1 episode 5 watch online realize their relationship compromises their mission and promise to remain professional as rides other riders finally learn their secret cementing their relationship. Every decade, Arvandil’s Fire arrives to Berk, inviting a ghostly dragon, the Flightmare, to the village.

Following him, the riders find that he has mated with a female Monstrous Nightmare. The twins’ world travelling cousin Gruffnut comes to the Edge to pay a visit and Tuffnut is overjoyed to see his longtime hero. By working together, Stoick and Hiccup are able to free the Riders and their dragons and repel Krogan’s invasion. After the group traps the leader dragon they realise how much danger the rest of the dragons are in when Changewings begin attacking them.

Meanwhile, Gobber takes Gothi’s place as the village healer, however he is far from good at it. Mala is finally convinced that the riders are allies of the dragons and the two groups align to defeat the hunters for good. Streamango Choose This Server.

Fed up with Snotlout’s disrespect, Hiccup suspends him from the academy. Hiccup must find Toothless and reason with him before the rivalry turns fatal. Upon landing there, they find the island has been taken over by a massive new dragon called the Catastrophic Quaken.

Hiccup manages to match Viggo’s wit and free the Flightmare and Heather with unexpected help from Dagur, but once again Viggo turns ridere tables and manages to snatch away the Dragon Eye.

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Stranded together on an island, Hiccup must find a way to retrain his wayward dragon. Though Ruffnut struggles with the tasks to care for her Razorwhip, named Wingnut, she only succeeds thanks to Tuffnut’s secret assistance. Soon enough Hookfang is in deep trouble as his flame goes out, so it’s a Race to Fireworm Island to help restore Hookfang’s flame before it is too late.

He is rescued by the A team but is left in a comatose state as a result of his injuries.

Dragons – Riders of Berk – Season 5

He asks for Hiccup’s help in deciphering Oswald’s diary, which contains a picture of a massive dragon skull that leads them back to Vanaheim. They rescue Gruffnut anyway due to his being “family,” and leaves him in a Quaken’s cave where he can have “a real adventure.

As they are getting closer, she begins to realize that watxh she shields herself from the pain of love lost, she may prevent herself from experiencing true love in the future. Upon investigation, they discover it to be a young adult Seashocker having drifted into the cove after being separated from its pod.

The dragon riders fight off the Changewings oonline free the leader. They suddenly realise that the Night Terrors, under dragins command of their Alpha, a white Night Terror, need to flock into a shape dragons riders of berk season 1 episode 5 watch online a giant version of themselves or any other dragon they wish as a defense mechanism to scare off threats or predators.

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Months have passed since the riders’ defeat at the hands of Viggo and Hiccup is determined to reclaim the Dragon Eye. Meanwhile the twins, Snotlout, and Astrid search for Chicken, who has gone missing, and find she has started a new family with a wild rooster. She trains the dragon and the gang are able to help it.