Elena was described as a star student. A car comes and was about to hit Jeremy when Alaric pushed him away, saving his live. She gets him to compel Jeremy to leave town, as he does. But whatever, it doesn’t matter. When Mikael comes to the celebration, he uses to Elena to attract Klaus but she is “killed” in the process. She was about to stake Caroline when Elena said to torture her instead since Klaus wants so badly to keep her alive. First, he got Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes fired, and then he told the Council about Meredith’s stash of vampire blood. Back at Elena’s, Matt doesn’t understand her thing with the Salvatores.

Tyler returns to Mystic Falls, but suspects that something is going on between Klaus and Caroline. He tells Elena that her compassion is a gift and that he truly regrets what he has done. This situation had to be perpetual teen Rebekah’s dream. They hear footsteps and hide in the closet. Stefan asks Elena how everything went. Klaus and Stefan hunt for werewolves so Klaus can create more hybrids.

‘Vampire Diaries’ recap: Season 3 finale, ‘The Departed’

But after that, she was does elena die in vampire diaries season 3, and she felt good then hugs Damon and she tells him she wants more.

Rebekah also tells Elena that it was Mikael who killed their mother when he found out about her infidelity to him but it is later on deciphered from the writings on the cave wall that it was seaon the hybrid, Klaus, who killed his mother, in a fit of temper and rage. When Stefan comes to the rescue in the flashback, Elena’s dad, who is still conscious, motions to the backseat, and Diares saves Elena.

Alaric has also been stabbed, but Elena kills him and the ring brings him back to life.

rie The sacrifice later happens, but Elena is saved, because John sacrificed himself for her after being put under a spell by Bonnie. As Klaus starts to turn, Bonnie arrives and starts attacking him with her witchcraft. In the middle of the fight between Klaus and Damon, Katherine is revealed and attacks the hybrids with vervain bombs.

However, in the television series, she is Bulgarian, as is Dobrev, who can speak the language fluently. Katherine then kidnaps her does elena die in vampire diaries season 3 Isobel. Elena remembers her parents ‘ deaths.

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He calls the ambulance but Tony, who stands in the door, compelled them to leave. He then drinks her blood and Elena dies as Stefan watches in horror, unable to move since Klaus stabbed him.

Alaric outs Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood as the parents of a vampire and a hybrid before the Council, and having seasoh her head during her escape, Elena collapses at the end of the episode. At the party, Jeremy sees the ghost of Vicki.

The Departed

They reveal that they are handed her over to ” Elijah ,” described as Elena’s “worst nightmare”. I don’t care how pissed she would be; Stefan would ultimately choose to save her life. Also, Damon resurrects Elijah.

Damon saves Elena and, after freeing her from the wreckage, she says “I look like her” before passing out in his arms. She tells Elena to come inside, where she finds John. Elena decides to go to slena source of the story: Elena finally got to take her shower and saw blood in the water. Caroline ran to Elena, wanting to know vammpire Jeremy was.

When the girl does not approach the podium the Mayor opens the floor to anyone else who wants to say a few words.

Matt, who has driven Elena a little bit out does elena die in vampire diaries season 3 town says he can keep driving her to Damon or turn back vampure bring her to Stefan.

While Stefan goes into the water, trying to save Elena first, Elena refuses and points to Matt, wanting Stefan to save him eldna in the past, he tried to save Grayson first, who motioned for him to save Elena instead. He then kills Frederick.

Later, Elijah shows up at the lake house and Elena wants to renegotiate, asking him to promise not to harm anyone.

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Then he reached Elena and hugged her. They take them to Pastor’s house, after Pastor tells her about his and the council’s plan, she starts to leave the house when Pastor thinks she’s one of them. A single steak that is left from the white oak tree. Klaus tells him to kill Elena, at which point Mikael stabs Elena seaason it turns out it is actually Katherine.

Damon and Elena find Stefan recovering from a wound Katherine had inflicted for saying he hates her. Bonnie contacts Elena’s vapire on the other side and tries to bring her back.

When Stefan comes to the rescue in the flashback, Elena’s dad, who is still conscious, motions to the backseat, and Stefan saves Elena. Elena said Damon was probably right, and that set Caroline off.