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But a mere court order cannot change the attitude of the people, at least not very soon. Everyone has performed so well in the film. Besides, a director who is making a film on a gay or a lesbian relationship will have more creative freedom and will be able to express his views more clearly.

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Which other films were in competition? Those days in Rangpur, Jaypurhat and Barisal are depicted in his Rivu series. But my question is, will the common people accept it? But the western audience has overcome all that.

I think everyone has the right to choose his or her partner irrespective of the gender. His essays reveal the soul of a true wanderer providing some of the most beautiful renditions of travel in Bengal. The agony, the emotional journey remains the same as in a man-woman relationship. Retrieved from " https: After the court verdict, Chhaya Chhobi will be the first film on homosexuality to hit the floors.

He is also the creator of Rijudaan imaginary character who moves about in jungles with his sidekick Rudra.

'It's just another love story'

This article needs additional citations for verification. Television is in the pits at the moment: I am more keen to know how the audience in Banglore and Mumbai will react to the film.

Had made Ushno-tar Jonyo; will make the film Chhaya Chhobi on a gay filmmaker. A huge audience had watched the film passionately. I am talking about the male gods here!

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A section of the audience consisted of members of a LGBT group too.

Adaptation based on the real-life story of the actor acted as protagonist Apu in Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali. I think when people know about the awards the film gets from various festivals, they will be curious to watch it.


It tells the story of an artist's unrealistic expectations regarding his wife's personal appearance. Democratic dissent has come to be renamed treason.

'Change the mindset'

KolkataWest Bengal. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The mindset of the people has to change.

Kaushik Ganguly Had made Ushno-tar Jonyo; will make the film Chhaya Chhobi on a gay filmmaker I am happy because the utility of my film will increase. Retrieved 12 April Circle of life, circa Entertainment. It had allowed me to understand what a man who thought like a woman felt like. Indraneil is a cinematographer and they are partners in the film. Paschim Banga Natya Akademi. But I was present during the screening on the 24th. A Pakistani reporter very aptly told me after the screening that he forgot after 10 minutes of watching the film whether it was a gay love story or not.

Retrieved 16 October How apprehensive are you about the reaction here?

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