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Currently, the plant produces infusion solutions and finished dosage forms of recombinant human insulin. If you want to keep it, change its name after cutting. The set rotation of elements' sizes in the list for cutting will be cancelled after each cabinet editing. For consecutive printing of all sheets press the button "printer". The file extension is STK.

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Advantages and opportunities of the program: The service drawing closes and you returns in the original drawing.

Quality Department of “Tosol-Sintez” company : Сompany : Компания «Тосол-Синтез»

The Company constantly works on expanding its production capacity and building new production facilities. Specification of details - Shows detailed list with all elements that construct the units, regardless if they will be subject of cutting. You can also use these designs to promote your work and sell it.

If the option is not chosen, the names of elements are on the cut sheet. For consecutive printing of all sheets press the button "printer".

Calculation on units - The report contains information about the value of the products of the drawing. All of them are saved as blocks as units with an identical base point and it is not recommended to move them manually from one sheet on another for example.

It makes the drawing confusing. The elements in the list can be sorted by columns: The maximal number of elements for cutting is maximal number of different heights of elements on Y -and for each height - up to elements with different length on X. In a similar way you can prepare for printing each sheet separately.

Quality Department of “Tosol-Sintez” company

If you don't want to keep it, press No. This software can help you get a realistic estimate of the cost for both materials and labor involved in any furniture design project.

The result is multiplied by the price of secondary material per unit of material. You can make a group selection of elements.

About the plant

Instrumentation of the plant workshops with new high-tech equipment enables to get successfully audited for recertification of conformity with European GMP standards and to release high quality products. Hosting, email, support We offer the following hosting packages: Zavod Medsintez specializes in the manufacture skntez pharmaceutical products.

Furniture for bars and public buildings.

The counter will be overturned automatically for each next sheet. Participate in the report Calculation on units. For a cancellation of the operation press Stop operation. Sign Up With Email. Denis Ulyanov Tula, Russian Federation.

The button Next initializes activates the cutting process. So after each cutted sheet,will be shown a brief dialogue form for definition of deviations for the next sheet.

The material quantity connected with operation multiplies by the price for processing of unit of material.

The value Cutting Width can be changed for each material. The column Element name sorts in alphabetic order. Currently, new types of I. Kitchen furniture - kitchen cases; standsworktops.

IT operations represent crucial aspect in most organizations. We offer the following solutions:

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