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All imported TLG tools can also be searched together. It costs 66 Canadian dollars. Built-in link to the online Perseus intermediate Liddell-Scott lexicon.

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Musaios, a Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) and PHI CD ROM reader

Finally, the cost of a site licence for access to the TLG web interface muusaios depending on the size of the institution, while an individual licence costs USD per five years. For reviews see BMCRan independent response and a response by the developers. The TLG is a huge mudaios of encoded ancient and mediaeval Greek texts. The basic information I have provided may suggest that Diogenes provides the best of all possible worlds; but the facts that it is free, and has certain kinds of versatility, may musakos necessarily make it the most suitable choice in all cases.

It can perform multiple parallel searches with logic operators and, or and exceptwildcards and other special characters word beginning, word end, character subset and so on even on different data banks provided that they can be accessible at the same time.

MUSAIOS (free version) download for PC

This fully searchable allowing searches to be made on inscription numbers, text strings, cognomina, greek text, numerals, Claudian letters, ligatures, reversed letters, mysaios letters and tall letters. The quantity of texts and their overall philological quality are outstanding. It also offers the ability to tgl text to other Windows applications via the Windows clipboard, and allows multiple texts to be displayed simultaneously if that is desired. This is probably the standard research tool as it is readily available in libraries and departments.

Optionally you can copy the citation along with the text selection. For more information please contact:. Afonasin, please see BMCR Tlb the name was changed to LLT as it included classical and post-classical Latin texts. It offers full support for the TLG Word Index, including the ability to view every citation for every word directly from within the index. The file size of the latest downloadable installer is 1.

Many hlg for text and list editing; includes Eleusis Greek font. Brown OakTree Software, Inc. It is also linked to the electronic Liddell-Scott dictionary and users can get an English translation for any selected Greek word with a single keystroke. A demo version of the program can be downloaded electronically. You need to have a site license in order to download part or all of the TLG databank.

MUSAIOS: Software for TLG and PHI CD-ROMs | CERFnet

It costs 66 Canadian dollars. It consists of retrieval software written as a series of extensions to HyperCard. Send an hlg to: Papyrology sections of this wiki.

Musaios, however, also allows searching all at once. Please note that the license agreement for use of TLG materials places restrictions on this sort of usage. Bryn Mawr Classical Review LaserGreek, Greekkeys and Unicode fonts are used to display Greek texts. It relies mostly on the Unicode Palatino Linotype font, with extra symbols added provided with the distribution set.


It can perform flexible searches with logic operators and, or and exceptwildcards and other special characters word beginning, word end, character subset and so on. In it split into two different online resources. Three of the above options are free: For more information please contact: Since the most expensive option costs USD, price is worth a good deal of attention, especially for an institution or scholar that has to watch his, her, or its budget.

If you copy a selected text and paste it to another Windows application should support Unicodethe formatting stays completely intact. Access to the collections, however, is by paying subscription through the Brepolis platform more information on the collections is in their Database information page. Views Page Discussion View source History.

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