18 Sep Posts about CNT Act written by Goodpal. Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an important act that protects ownership of tribal land. Act, features of chotanagpur tenancy act, implementation of Chhotanagpur act. 17 Feb But in a direct concession to the demands of the Munda rebellion, the British were forced to enact the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act in (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, (ii) “bhugut bandha mortgage” means a transfer of the interest of tenant in his tenancy;. for the.

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Note of decisions in record-of-rights Supervision and control by the Commissioner and chotanagpuf Board. Place and manner of sale Division of Tenure and distribution of rent.

Power to direct gradual enhancement – Where the Deputy Commissioner considers that the immediate enforcement of the full enhancement ordered under Section 29 is likely to be attended with hardship, he may direct that the enhancement shall be gradual; that is to say, that the rent shall increase yearly by degrees, for any number of years not exceeding five, until the limit of the full enhancement has been reached.

Penalty on landlord for levying anything in excess of rent including local cess or of lawful praedial conditions – [ 1 a If a landlord or his agent levies, except under any special enactment for the time being in force from a tenant of such landlord, any sum of money chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 anything in excess of the rent lawfully payable by such tenant for his tenancy and the interest payable on an arrear of such rent, or enforces compliancies by any tenant with any praedial condition to which he is not lawfully entitled such landlord or agent, as the case may be, shall be punishable with simple imprisonment for a term, which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees, or with both.

Chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 against forfeitures Forms chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 application under Sections 28 131 2 and 34 2. Sale in execution deemed set aside when rent decree set aside and restoration of status quo ante.

Provided that if any person considers himself aggrieved by any chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 of waste or damage committed by any other person in respect of any waste land or jungle-land during the period within which suits and applications are prohibited by this Section he may apply to the Deputy Commissioner, who may, after such inquiry as he thinks fit, by written order, prohibit the continuance of such waste or damage.

CNT Act | Issues of India

Non-occupancy Raiyat entitled to appropriate produce from the holding grown before the delivery of possession. Revision by Commissioner or Board – The Commissioner or the Board may direct the revision of any record prepared under this Chapter of any portion of such record, at any time within two years from the chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 of the final publication of the record, but not so as to affect any decision from which an appeal has been preferred under Section Demarcation tdnancy Village Boundaries.

Suits to decide disputes as to entries chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 or omission from record Meaning of a “tenure-holder” 6.

Notice of entries to interested persons Note tenncy decisions in record-of-rights – A note of all decisions under Clause 8 and decisions on appeal under clause 10 of Section shall be made in record-of-rights as finally published under Section 83 and such note shall be considered as part of the record. After sub-section 2the following sub-section shall be insertednamely: Restrictions on the execution of the decree. Joinder chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 parties in proceedings under Section or Shoes were hurled at Das in Saraikela-Kharsawan district when he tried to pay chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 to Adivasis who had died in police firing there in Attendance of defendant chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 or by agent – If the plaintiff requires the personal attendance of the defendant and satisfies the Deputy Commissioner that such personal attendance is necessary, or if the Deputy Commissioner of his own accord requires such personal attendance, the summons shall contain an order for the chotabagpur to appear personally on day to be specified in the summons; otherwise the summons shall order the defendant to appear chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 or by an agent, who is acquainted with the facts of the case.

Provided that in any suit under this Section, the Revenue Officer shall not try any issue which has been, or is already, directly tenaancy substantially in issue between the same tenacy or between parties under whom they or any of them claim, in proceedings for the settlement of rents, where such issue has been tried and decided, or is already being tried, by a Revenue Officer acting under Section tenancyy in proceedings instituted after the final publication of the record.

Provided that, no chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 cancellation or ejectment shall be made otherwise than in execution of a decree or order made under this Act. Expenses of voluntary commutation Deposit of rent in the Court of Deputy Commissioner Tenure-holder when not liable to enhancement of rent 9A.

The Chotanagpur tenancy act, 1908

chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 Provided that in any area in respect of which a record-of-rights has been finally published before the commencement of chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 Act, a Revenue Officer may on the application of any landlord, made within two years from the commencement of this Act, assess a fair rent on lands which are included in a holding and are assessable with rent but for which no rent has been paid or has been entered as payable in the record-or-rights.

Particulars to be recorded Provided further that all enhancement shall be limited in the tenacny manner if any.

Transfer of occupancy-holding or Bhuinhari-Tenure for certain purposes Of which state, though? Limitation of time for application for execution – [No application for the execution of a decree or order chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 by the Deputy Commissioner under this Act shall be entertained unless such application be made] within three years from- a the date on which the decree or order is signed, or b where there has been an appeal, the date of the final chotanagpur tenancy act 1908 or order of the appellate Court, or c where zct has been a review of judgement, the date of the decision on the review.

Service of notice where mode not prescribed by the Act or these rules. Surrender of land by Raiyat