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Russians know how to make good classics, speaking about age of pirates too. Sign in or join with: The main thing that did not replace the appearance of creatures and castles.

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Frozen Food rations cannot be traded between heroes.

Guest Apr 12 when i try to play on singleplayer or multiplayer the game crashes why? Just because of that, I stopped playing in Heroes. And if you replace, let it be a script that allows you to return them to look. I have found an game breaking glitch in one of the campaigns!

In the Wake of Gods f file - Mod DB

Each hero may collect any number of Frozen Food rations and use them at any time to gain additional movement for their army. Likewise, if a player's randomly chosen town has no creature dwellings at all, that player won't receive or lose herose from such an event.

ModDB is more tolerant towards registered downloaders. Guest Jul 1 You need Heroes 3 and Shadow of death at least installed. In the Wake of Gods: When I did not show a screen, means mght macros must be changed, or something else, script definatelly not working as it is. The AI cannot be programmed to collect and use Frozen Food rations, so instead it is compensated with og points for each Frozen Food ration collected by any hero in the previous week. But, as I said, most of them need modifications, to work under 3.


Is "Era" another expansion? It contains some unique features like portable mod managing, script editor and so on. Can you do me a favor to send the attachment to my mail box? Many updates are coming - WoG 3. For random battle positions a check for WoG options had to be removed and negative function numbers changed to positive I just removed the minus sign. A weekly Bad Event will give each player one of the following: Do you have any other mods installed?

HMMIII WoG presents new objects with various properties, drastically changed and improved creature abilities and a wide variety of custom scripts for altering the gameplay. Tomkinas Oct 10 Then i try to install the game it shows me that i have to change language i changed it but still not installing.

Google [Bot] and 0 guests. One of my best friend am me were playing this game for many years and i have invited other friends to join, every single friend i have like to play this.

I had a quick test of this scripts on ERA. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

I rush to see the kremlin creatures the reason I was attracted to this mod! Welcome back It took me some time since you shared them with me, but I needed a few free time and test them for screens. First, here is alpha version magi WoG 3.

Heroes Community - WoG Fnord's scripts

The main thing that did not replace the appearance of creatures and castles. Mines and other flagged objects can be captured but human heroes can no longer leave creatures to guard mines.

If the hero guesses correctly, monsters of that type join his army for free the number increases each weekbut if the hero guesses wrong, three times that number of creatures attack the hero instead.

In my opinion this page should be added to WoG forum links. Campaign buttons should be reorganized somehow. I'm also known as sergroj. Guest May 17 This comment is currently mgic admin approval, join now to view. Orzie Oct 16 More or less.

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