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For example, you know how to play a major chord in your right hand. December 6, Label: Please login or register. Kendra J So In Love feat.

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I picked up alot of skills on my own, and my dad hxrtwell always playing alot of jazz aronud the house. On this new DVD we have employed our new D. What's the story behind you changing the name of your company from Gospel Keyboard to Gospel Musicians?

Add to MP3 Cart. The reviews give me some confidence that it's definitely something I can start working with. Some of the talking is overkill but I do appreciate Jamal directing traffic by pointing out changes in progressions.

And of course, you have haftwell hours of seeing two keyboard players playing together and will be able to see first-hand what each one of us does with our left hand and with a band. I get the impression Jamal frequently gets asked for tips on reharmonizing gospel tunes for a more contemporary flavor, so the DVD seems to be oriented towards doing that with tunes that the gospel crowd is familiar with.

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Sounds like it would be a useful tool for expanding my playing. Rawlson on June 28, To be honest, years ago, I didn't have the knowledge and the command of the material like I do now. Oh why, oh why You will find several free lessons that shows chord progressions and such. I often find useful ideas and tricks from the cable show The Piano Guy - mostly when jamap has the guests on, all of which can play circles around me. This is a great technical school and was very instrumental in the development of the internet.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, hartwlel engage customers. This is when the Gospel Musician brand really began to take off.

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So I take a scale or run that I've never done before and show you on camera how I would go about learning a difficult run - Mess-ups and all. Geez, I would feel much safer about buying the DVDs if the site looked even a tiny bit little less like a scam But anyways, so does anyone have experiences doing DVD lessons, not just the stuff on this site, but in general?

He has entire CDs and DVD's dedicated sometimes to just one jzmal type of lick and it's various uses in all different realms of music After looking around, I'm now more interested in the Tritone Extravaganza DVD you mention, as it seems to be the most fundamental in terms of "gospel" chord theory. Give us a little background - hometown, upbringing, etc. The pitch-bend is paramount when working that Moog harrwell and lead soloing, as a result, we have implemented a way for you dvss not only see my hand and fingers, but when the pitch-bend is used, you will be able to see it on the virtual pitch-bend keyboard as well.

Proper Finger Techniques 8. They had great skills, but their worship and relationship with God was falling apart.

You realize that it is very important to use your left hand and you understand the enormous benefits, but you just don't know how to begin to practice it. This is me talking to you without the band and without all the lights. Well, I actually teach you how to use your left-hand and how to begin to structure your hand accordingly. It's not as bumpin' as LGM but Jamal is one of the main dudes over there so maybe they can help you a bit better.

Please try again later. I was fortunate to grow up with both my parents. I have to admit, it's my best DVD to date as far as instruction. Many people did not get a chance to really understand the importance of these lessons on the Xtreme, because there was no foundation on soloing established.

Now, with all of the extra theory on scales, and improvisational techniques, you will really get more out of the improvisational teachings on the Urban Worship Xtreme bonus discs. I have never harfwell services at a Baptist church or anything like that, and thus have zero familiarity with the gospel song repertoire.

Im a complete beginner and am looking into purchasing which ever is better. Add to Wish List.

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