Iz3d 1.4

Fixed DX9 interfaces for: GenClaymore , May 13, In addition, you can load subtitles, create a playlist, zoom in and out, as well as create and organize a favorites list.

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iz3D and Sim3D?

Bob Raikes is the Founder of Meko Ltd. Medieval may hang when levels are loading. Redemption80Mar 29, Moreover, you can go to a DVD menu e.

But it is simple-to-use and we recommend it to all individuals who prefer straightforward software. Just couldn't wait for the slow moving ATI guys. PaulMar 6, You will expect 60hz double wide input with hz output frame 1: Gainward Phantom GTX You can import media from izd or disc by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method.

iz3D and Sim3D? - ArcSoft Forums

Added an option in the config file that increases compatibility with some anti-cheat software mechanisms iZ3D confirmed GameGuard, and hopes for similar compatibility with PunkBuster. Need ArcSoft Technical Support?

Two new "Stereo Mirror" output modes. Yes, my password is: So i before i buy more stuff that doesnt work as i wish it too, has anyone tried combining iz3D or similar software with Sim3D?

PaulMar 4, Crysis 2's Motion Blur is incorrect. Do you already have an account? Each image is a checkerboard layout: But it free and works. oz3d

The TV flashes each frame two times. Those glasses are designed for their display: Home News iZ3D 1.

Immersed videogames gaming esports https: Sartain is the Director and Worldwide Head of… https: If you have a Hz projector or notebook computer with an embedded Hz display, this is the best case scenario for the iZ3D drivers.

Basically, your refresh is either way, but you only see 24 new images per second - 24fps. Immersed Immersed18 Entrepreneurs business financing … https: To me its better then nothing It might not be perfect like those Nvision and other devices.

Meant to be Seen - View topic - iZ3D driver and HDMI HDTVs

Added driver activation button. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. A simple 3D movie player for your video files. Your name or email address: All default exceptions are now visible in Control Center Exceptions Sections.

The first is a standard release that features several bug fixes, a cooler looking interface, and a new compatibility mode for certain anti-cheat engines.

Nobody here with any hints? This is more of a proof of concept driver release for something else in development.

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