Originally Posted by Marco An excellent read, Chris, which I’m sure many people will find highly informative.. On top of each unit is a good quality RCA socket, and a knurled earth post. The seller hasn’t specified a postage method to United States. I’ve got six different cartridges, and a detachable headshell arm, so when the mood takes me I like to take different ones ‘out for a spin’, so to speak. So you need to try to ascertain as much as possible about the overall condition of the cartridge before you buy. Instead I am going to give you “setting values” for “complimentary equipment” that we also manufacture.

Hence you now understand the “great debate” about 9″, 10″ and 12″ tonearms and how to objectively evaluate tonearms. Using the same step-up transformer, the cartridge now sees ohms instead of ohms. Purpose This addendum article to the Garrard Project is intended as a pragmatic primer for those audiophile enthusiast who are presently using, thinking of using — or may even have used in the past — a moving coil MC phono cartridge in order to enhance their stereo LP vinyl playback performance. Lastly, ask your audiophile friends about what they recommend, have used or are presently using. Being the true gent that he is, John will speak no ill will of them, despite much of his business being thrown into upheaval. It also does not provide any additional voltage gain and the type of resistors used can effect the overall sonic presentation. I honestly do not know of any manufacturer that has implemented this feature using step-up transformers. Thanks again for a most interesting article – keep up the good work Marco.

Step Up to the Plate – Bent Audio Mu

If this has happened to you or seems as if it would, please read on for how to properly navigate this seemingly overwhelming labyrinth. That would be an interesting prospect. I have been exposed to all audii the now “classic” sound systems when they were released as I tried to be around my dad as much as possible.

Therefore the more the voltage steps up, the tighter the coupling and the more it loads the cartridge. I then use a star or fan-out technique at the far end trahsformer the grounding wire to connect the single point ground to preamp, step-up transformer and turntable.

These cartridges would tend to track at less than 1.

By comparison, a light mass tonearm is intended for use with very light cartridges and more transgormer, high to very high compliance cartridges. Yes, as I noted the popularity of these things tends to change with other trends – The SUT seems to have risen in profile along with the valve amp thing.

If you have any further queries please contact us at the shop on or hifihangar googlemail. Couple this hassle with the outside world audio innovations series 1000 moving coil step up transformer of job, home, family etc.

Now here are some words in return to everyone involved in any capacity whatsoever in the forum: These are known as head amp and transformer types respectively. Also be sure to note if it is shielded or not and what type of shielding it has electrostatic or magnetic – or both.

Audio Innovations Series 800 Moving Coil Impedance Matching Transformer [Expired]

Try to bear in mind that a suitable step-up device is key and therefore needs to be audio innovations series 1000 moving coil step up transformer into this financial equation as well. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Once you have narrowed your selection to a few candidates, you then need to decide if you are willing to purchase a used MC cartridge. Watch this space for a review when the mods have been carried out! Innovstions in mind that, due to manufacturer’s ambiguity, trabsformer the latter term is the best that you will be able to ascertain. Barry, By the way Marco, does this mean the honeymoon with the M3D is over?

It is not something to be placed atop a card table or some other shaky structure the way suspended turntables can be. In general, the lower the input impedance, the more bass and loudness you get at the sacrifice of the mid and high end tends to sound rolled off.

You see, every cartridge likes to innovattions into a particular resistance or load. For instance, a K resistor placed effectively in parallel with the preamp’s 47K input resistor yields a resultant phono innovatiohs stage impedance of roughly 32K ohms.

That’s some accolade for us all, ‘cos I’m a lazy bastard!! Active preamps have their own problems of noise amongst other things and require careful design of their power supplies to meet noise and signal overload requirements.

What gave you that idea?

Hi Chris Just wish to seriea my congratulations to your write up. The pound was looking extremely good against the dollar. International postage paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. The input impedance also varies as a function of frequency.

I honestly have never seen a ‘worn out’ MC cartridge stylus, which does not mean they do not exist, just aren’t probable as some people like to make it sound.

We will advise you of your tracking number after it has been booked in with the courier. Similar sponsored items Feedback on our suggestions – Similar sponsored items. For the purposes of this article, our primary focus will be on step-up transformers passive devices. The reason for this apparent Wizard of Oz type secrecy is that there is a balancing act between coupling the fragile MC cartridge signal to the preamp and Q Quality Factor – the lower the transformer input impedance, the lower the Q and the more the resultant bandwidth.

If you indeed have a medium mass tonearm, then you can select a wide range of Audio innovations series 1000 moving coil step up transformer cartridges but tend to stay away from anything “ultra-light” and intended to. A step-up is different to a head amp, which uses active and, therefore, powered circuitry.

Thanks again for a most interesting article – keep up the good work Marco. Thus for a 47K preamp input, impedance is transformed to approximately ohms.