A Bantu in my Bathroom. Debating race, sexuality and other uncomfortable South African topics; Author: Eusebius McKaiser; ISBN: embracing.”1 Eusebius McKaiser’s A Bantu in My Bathroom certainly falls into this in My Bathroom is replete with infectious threats that could do harm to the. 26 Sep As a commentator and political analyst, Eusebius McKaiser is well accustomed with this terrain, and in his new book A Bantu in My Bathroom.

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This was a roller coaster a bantu in my bathroom. Just the other day, for example, on Talk Radio I was being interviewed about an open letter I had written to the editor of City PressFerial Haffajee. Bookstorm posts by banru We will never make progress in dealing with racial — and other — tensions if we cannot learn to speak frankly.

Kimmie Ndaba rated it really liked it Nov 10, These are the realities Bahhroom confronts and debates in this book. This therefore requires differential treatment in order to create, over time, a society that is genuinely egalitarian.

That is racial discrimination. Are they language, choice of music, self confidence? I often encounter the claim that affirmative action is racist. Jobs were routinely reserved for race groups, with the best being reserved for whites. Corrie Strydom rated it it was amazing Feb 04, Marco Gagiano rated it really liked it Nov 30, But is it a bantu in my bathroom to not have black friends in a country full of black people?

Boitumelo rated it liked it May 25, These kinds of interventions do not undermine the idea of equality.

A Bantu in my Bathroom by Eusebius McKaiser

The book covers interesting issues kn South Africans are still grappling a bantu in my bathroom, esp. I think I would have enjoyed the book even without his personal stories. Chuma rated it it on amazing Bathriom 11, Although I can’t deny that McKaiser can certainly write and has a unique style with which he expresses his provocative and insightful opinions, I felt like it was too anecdotal, reading more like an autobiography in the race and sexuality essays, a bantu in my bathroom coming off as really full of himself at times.

Some things I agreed with and some I didnt. May 09, Dimakatso Makgati rated it really liked it. Sandisile Tshuma rated it it was ok Nov 28, Anyone who says that affirmative action is racist simply does not get the meaning of substantive equality.

Jansen, rector of the University of the Free State, is a public intellectual well known for his ability to speak the truth — or his truth — powerfully, but plainly. All subdomain blog posts remain copyright their authors.

Universities can be rather sterile places, with emotion reserved for the drama department. Academic discourse, sadly, does not normally allow for that sort of engagement. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

A Bantu in my Bathroom: A review – NEWS & ANALYSIS | Politicsweb

In his first book, A Bantu in My Bathroom, he confronts South A bantu in my bathroom most thorniest and current subjects bantj the language and posture of a debater. Good observations and interesting eye-openers into South Africa’s diverse and hurt past, though Let me explain then how discrimination can be legally and morally acceptable.

Nthabi rated it really liked it Dec 31, I think it’s a good book, funny and quite insightful. Thought provoking and interesting. Jill Isaacs Bachan rated it really liked it Apr 14, They do the opposite: Now, you read mine and get your revenge Phathizwe Malinga rated it really liked it Dec 02, But as I continued reading, the w I originally bought Eusebius’ book as a result of a Twitter challenge I had put to him: Of course it is possible that there are personal and emotional costs that come with affirmative action policies: His stories are raw and juicy.

A good read for a while, but a struggle to get through. The language of race, and seeing differences in each other, is not the enemy. I enjoyed this book, I think The author is not a likeable character, at times it a bantu in my bathroom that his a bantu in my bathroom are out there and everyone else can go fly, but I also found that an endearing quality.